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Bermuda's Virtual Internet Phone

Cost Effective

With the Quantum Cloud PBX service there is no need to purchase and maintain any on site telephony switching equipment. Instead you will receive a very simple monthly bill detailing your services and expenses making this a very simple and cost effective phone solution for your business. And with Quantum's unlimited outbound local calling, you’ll know exactly what your monthly phone costs will be.

In addition to saving your capital you will only pay for the services that you use. As your business grows you have the complete flexibility to add new phones and features as and when you require them, allowing for a true “pay as you go” service.

Remote Worker with Remote Office Capability

Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, with the Quantum Cloud PBX service you now have the flexibility to work from the office or from where ever you may have Internet access. This service is ideal for your mobile workforce who need to connect with the office when on holiday or traveling on business. Employees will only be an extension number away.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We fully understand that your phone system is the heart and sole of your business communications. If your customers cannot reach you they may call your competition instead. Our Cloud PBX is located in a securely hosted carrier grade facility. So even if you lose the keys to your office or your office is damaged due to a hurricane our service will continue to work for you.

In addition, Quantum offers a complete Business Continuity Center with its business partners ensuring that even if you are unable to get into your office the business can continue to operate seamlessly. For more information on the Business Continuity Center service please contact our sales team at sales@quantum.bm.

Reliability, Scalability and Obsolescence Protection

We take care of your PBX needs for you and ensure the performance of the PBX 24/7, 365 days of the year. As you grow we can scale quickly and seamlessly with you. We remove all the management headaches and ensure that the latest features and applications are always up to date and available.

Take your PBX from the closet and put it into the cloud. By subscribing to our service you no longer need to worry about water leaking on your PBX or maintaining Uninterruptable Power Systems to power the PBX.


We know that your business is in operation every day all day. With Quantum’s stellar support, we are only a phone call away regardless of the time of day. We are here to ensure the growth and success of your business around the clock. Call us now to see how quickly we can upgrade your phone system for you.