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Data Centre Connections

Secure and Reliable Connections to Bermuda's Data Centers

Making daily backups and duplication services faster than ever for Bermuda businesses.

Whether you're simply running daily backups of you company's data or have realtime duplication services in place, your connection to those data centers is critical. Data transfer must be nearly instantaneous and uninterrupted.

Quantum Communications can connect your business to your data center with the fastest ethernet line available.

This means faster duplication services, ensuring no data is lost in the event of a disaster. Everything in your office is instantly backedup in realtime. Your data doesn't drag along old T1 lines getting caught in transit at the moment a disaster strikes. Instead, it arrives at your data center almost instantly.

If you're running nightly backups, you get the same rapid transfer. Nightly backups push massive amounts of data in a very short time. If the connection to the data center is lacking, the backup might not be completed before the next workday begins. This is especially true as your company grows. Quantum Communications offers a special 'Timed Bandwidth' option that widens the data pipeline allowing an enormous amount of data to pass ensuring your backup is done before the next day's work begins.

Redundancy is critical for businesses in this digital age, and having a good connection to your data center can mean the difference between preservation of data, and loss of data.