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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Quantum been in operation?
Quantum commenced operations in the summer of 2003.

What’s so great about Quantum’s network?
There's nothing faster than fibre.Period. Quantum's fibre optic network gives your busienss a competitive edge by providing: fast and simple service provisioning, support for new, high bandwidth applications, Privately managed, scalability and efficienty, Security, Points of Presence interconnect with all island data centers and international access getaways. Redundant fiber loop topology. Our fibre optic backbone is both flexible and resilient,optimizing our superior fibre infrastructure. The Quantum network can help organizations meet any business continuity objectives that requires highly avauilable network infrastructure.

Our Team
The team at Quantum Communications boasts well trained engineers and administrative staff who are highly responsive and are innately customer focused.

Does Quantum provide residential services?
Quantum Communications provides local loop access services and Voice Over IP services. Many of our customers utilize our high speed transparent Local Area Network (LAN) services in order to work remotely. If you are within the Quantum network footprint, we can service your access requirements.

Can I get service if Quantum is not already in my building?
At Quantum Communications, we're always looking to expand our network. If your building is in close proximity to our fibre, it may be possible to provide our services to your company. We encourage you to contact us to fully qualify the possibilities. (441)400-4000.

How long does it take to get service from Quantum?
Although installation times will vary based on the existing infrastructure within a building, Quantum’s service delivery is second to none – Hands Down.

Is your voice service as good as my current voice service?
In short yes. Quantum’s voice services are not only fully managed and delivered to your business by our VOiP network switch, it is also fully integrated with the Quantum network, providing rock-solid reliability, advanced performance and crystal clear quality.

Do you offer Service Level Agreements?
Yes, we have standard SLA’s and remain flexible enough to offer customized SLA’s depending on the customer requirement. Call us to discuss your needs with our sales agent at (441) 400-4005.

Do you give me any tools to monitor my connection?
Yes! Quantum provides our customers with a secure web site where you can get real time and historic stats on your connection. This includes your bandwidth consumption, as well as reports indicating if there are any errors traversing your interface. This is a great tool if you are troubleshooting a problem. If you are having issues with your connection, a quick check of your stats will indicate if you are maxing out your bandwidth, or if there are errors slowing down your circuit.

My business is 7/24. What is your support like after hours?
Our after hours support is the same as our in-hours support. Our network is monitored 7/24 and in the event of an alarm, our technical group is notified immediately via their Blackberries. We also have a third party monitoring center that is staffed 7/24 and responds to alarms. Now, not everyone wants a phone call at 4:00am on a Sunday morning to tell them their Internet connection is down. We work with each customer to put an escalation procedure in place. If you want to be notified at 4:00am, we will call you and arrange access to your office to sort the problem out.