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Bermuda's Virtual Internet Phone

Greater Calling Freedom, One Flat Rate

Internet phone calling is growing up and Quantum Communications is on the cutting edge. No longer are you, your kids, or your employees tied to a computer or a country. With QVIP from Quantum, you can make or receive internet phone calls anywhere in the world, from either your computer or mobile smart phone, all for a flat monthly fee.

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Second phone line on mobile smart phone

QVIP is a great way for businesses and families to take advantage of flat rate internet calling while they're on the move. If your team of employees is mobile, they can use their mobile phones to place calls using the company's QVIP account. It's like having a business line even when your team isn't in the office.

Local dial tone from anywhere in the world

QVIP turns any call, from anywhere, into a local Bermuda call. Give it as a gift to a loved one living abroad. Even if they're calling from another country, it's like they're calling from across town.

Unlimited Phone Calls (in Bermuda only)

Throughout Bermuda, unlimited calling is included in your monthly package. Call as often as you like and talk as long as you like. You'll never be charged any additional fee.

Avoid long distance and roaming charges, call from WiFi zones

QVIP saves your family or company those unexpected surprise charges**, even when you're outside the country. True, flat rates are finally possible. Simply find a WiFi hotspot and call using your QVIP account. The call is on your flat rate QVIP account rather than your mobile carrier's roaming charge.

**Your mobile phone carrier's current data charges apply.

Other Features

  • Voicemail delivered to email
  • No long-term contracts
  • No complicated access
  • Flat rate billing
  • No hidden charges
  • Monthly billing

Recommended Software VoIP Clients

**Whilst there are many VoIP clients available, we have tested and recommend the following software applications for our QVIP service. Click on your desired software to download set-up instructions.

  1. Android
  2. PC
  3. Mac
  4. iPhone
  5. Blackberry


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